Noulinx PTC Strategy guide 2014 for Indian to earn more than $150/month

Do you have any doubt on Noulinx? You must not have. Noulinx is one of the trusted PTC site that pays huge bucks for your click. The admin of Noulinx is from Spain. This site is similar to neobux and Clixsense. Noulinx started its journey on August 2013 and its gaining popularity day by day.

Like Neobux and Clixsense and other top PTC sites you can earn huge bucks from Noulinx without investing any penny. This is also not a get rich in a day program. You need some patience and STRATEGY to make huge bucks profit from Noulinx.

 How to Join Noulinx?

Joining Noulinx is very easy. If you haven’t joined yet, join from this link(Join Noulinx) or Click on the banner.

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[ N.B:
  1. After joining Noulinx if you do not click any ads within 7 days, your account will be suspended.
  2. If your account is inactive for 30 days, then your account will be cancelled

Strategy to become successful in Noulinx

As I already mentioned that getting huge bucks from Noulinx require patience and Strategy. Some people think that this will give huge bucks from stsrting, but this won’t. Follow this simple strategy to become successful in Noulinx and get huge profit from it.

5 Months Noulinx successful strategies:

First month’s Strategy

After joining Noulinx click all the four fixed ads of $0.01. Try to get direct referral from the joining date.
4 fixed ads x $0.01=$0.04/day (Your first day earning)
Do this for 15 days then your earning will be
$0.04 x 15days=$0.6 in 15 days
Now from this amount buy 3 rented referral for 1 month
Now your earning will be
$0.04(your earning) +3 x (0.005 x 4(daily fixed ads))
= $0.04+$0.06
Do this for another 6 day and your earning will be 6 x $0.1=$0.6
Take another 3 referral from this amount.
Now after 3 weeks you have 6 Rented Referral and your earning jumps to
($0.04 + (6 x 0.005 x 4))/day
Spend another 7 days and from this your earning will be
$0.16 x 7 days

Second month’s strategy:

Spend this $1.02 and buy another 5 Rented Referral. Now in second month you have 11 rented referrals in your hand. Your earning will be
($0.04 + (11(total referral) x 0.005(referral commission per click) x 4(fixed ads daily)))
If you continue this for 30 days then you get
$0.28 x 30 days

Third month’s strategy:

Now with this amount take another 25 rented referrals.
Now you will have 25+11=36 referrals
($0.04+36 x 0.005 x 4)/day
Continue this for 30days and your projected earnings will be
$0.76 x 30


Fourth month’s strategy
Invest this amount to buy another 100 referral. Now you have total 136 rented referrals.
{0.04+ (136 x 0.005 x 4)} x 30days


Fifth month’s strategy

With this $81.6 buy a golden membership and double your income. In golden membership you get 8 fixed ads instead of 4 and $0.01/click referral commission.

  1. In standard membership you will get 4 fixed ads daily. You have to click all 4 ads daily to get your referral commission
  2. This is a theoretical overview to make money from Noulinx. Your earning completely depends on your referral’s clicks. If they click every day then you can achieve this goal.


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