List of top 10 trusted PTC sites in India 2014-2015-2016-2017 and review payment proof

PTC which is known as Paid-to-Click is now very popular which gives opportunity to someone to earn money online without investment. PTC gives no country restriction services. There are so many services out there from which you can earn bux without investing such as online survey, completing task, content writing, proof reading, freelancing, posting ads and blogging. This will not give you the opportunity to earn huge bux only PTC service will give you the opportunity to earn huge bux.

Rank Banner Min Payout Payment Option Proof How to Join ?
$6.00 Paypal/Payza
2 $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
3 PaidVerts $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
4 $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
5 $5.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
6 $7.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
7 $3.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
Low payment threshold trusted PTC
1 $0.05 Paypal/Payza Proof
2 $0.02 Paypal/Payza Proof
High paying revenue sharing + PTC Sites Instant payment
1 $5.00 Paypal/Payza
Trusted Online Payment Processor Free To Join
1 banner No Minimum STP
2 $1 STP

What is PTC?

As I already mentioned that PTC is Paid-to-Click service where you will be paid to surf other’s website. In PTC each member gets two options. The first option is to earn from watching advertisements and other one is to put your own advertisements. One will gain bux in your pocket and other will free your pocket. But freeing your pocket is the only opportunity to earn big bux. There are several types of PTC sites in the market. Some are bux and some are non bux. Non bux PTC sites have a fixed payout threshold where as bux has some different things, initially they have small payout threshold. As the redemption time increases so as the threshold increases and reached to a fixed threshold payout. After that payout threshold limit is not increased.

How PTC works?

When you click on the advertisement a new tab will be opened where advertisement will be shown. You have to wait for a certain time to validate your click and giving you the reward. Different PTC sites have different validation technique. Some are very conscious about focus of the user. They will detect whether you are seeing the Advertisement or not. PTC also provides premium membership as well as referral system. If you have sufficient numbers of referral then you can earn huge commission from them.

PTC Membership requirements:

Joining to this PTC sites are completely free. You have to invest nothing to become a member of these PTC sites but if you want earn more then you need to upgrade your membership type. Mainly three types of membership are there silver, golden and platinum.
Requirements for a free membership:
  1. A valid E-mail ID.
  2. A verified paypal or Payza account to receive your payment.
[N.B- Do not open multiple account from the same computer for self referral purpose. PTC sites are continuously checking for fake registration and this may lead banning your account]

List of top 10 PTC in India 2014-2015-2016

Do not forget to join all these sites and multiply your earning. Payment proofs are available for your doubt clarification.

How to multiply PTC earning?

You can multiply your earning by simply upgrading your membership. It will cost you around $50 but you can easily multiply your investment within a month. Most of the people earn around $100-$500 a month.
          Another way to multiply your earning is to increase your referral limit. If you have sufficient referral numbers this can also give you huge earning. Some of my friends earning around $650/month.

How to get lots of free referral for PTC sites

At the beginning getting referral is too difficult but when you start getting referrals it will be too easy to get referrals. Follow these simple steps to increase your referral.
  1. Share your referral links with your friends and ask them to join.
  2. Ask your family members to join [N.B- Remember one computer one account]
  3. Create a blog and publish your referral links there.
  4. Renting referrals from a PTC site is the best and easiest way of getting tons of referrals.

Benefits of PTC

Joining PTC isn’t much easier than you expected? PTC is the easiest way to earn money online. From my point of view benefits that someone gets from these sites are
  1. No registration fees for joining
  2. Unlimited earning opportunities.
  3. Global earning access.
  4. You can earn money online without investment.


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