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If you haven't Joined yet then join from the above "SIGN UP NOW" button and follow the earning guide to become successful with Clixsense. 
You probably have seen many earning guide site, many people says these are not so much useful but are proving guide to people since 2011. Follow these earning guide step to become successful with Clixsense.

► Join Clixsense:

 If you haven't joined yet please join from the below or above link.

► Install Clixsense addon:

 This is the main secret to become successful with Clixsense. Addon is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari. You will get daily bonus and Survey and Task availability update from this addon. Sample image is shown below.

Addon installed on Chrome browser
► Earn from Daily ads:
Each and everyday you will receive approximately 30 ads. Types of ads are Extended, Standard, Mini and micro. From your ads you can earn upto $0.02/Click.

► Earn from Offers:

► Earn from Croudflower task:

► Earn from Daily Survey:
By participating daily survey you can easily earn $5. If you install addon then you will receive notification when a new survey is available for you. Try to participate the survey as soon as you get the new survey notification.

► Earn from unlimited referral:
Clixsense offers unlimited direct referral option. No rented referral system is available in clixsense. You can earn 10% of your referrals daily income. Clixsense also offer 8 levels of referral earning.
► Comple daily checklist:
You can earn extra daily 14% for completing daily checklist. To qualify for this you need to click at least 6 ads, complete two offers or 10 croudflower tasks, play clixgrid game, visit forum page.

Play clixgrid game: 
By playing clixgrid game you can win upto $10. In free membership you will receive 30 chances and premium membership 60 chances.

► Upgrade with just $17/Year to double your Earning:
Do you know that people who are successful in clixsense are paid members. Clixsense offer the cheapest membership cost per year. Just $17/Year (INR 900 approx) where other sites charge $90/Year. If you upgrade you get more standard ads, double daily checklist bonus, double referral commission and lot more. You can use Paypal, Payza, Neteller to upgrade you account. Upgrade account is valid for one year. If you upgrade for 2 years then you can save $4 i.e. it will cost just $30/ 2 Years.


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