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How to Earn Money with Trafficmonsoon?

(1) Login to Trafficmonsoon with your user name and password.
(2) After 10 seconds counter stops click on "Back to dashboard" button.
(3) Click green blue and pink ads

Earn From Cash Links

Cash Links are basically paid-to-click ads. It helps the members to grow their earnings. TrafficMonsoon is very competitive on the paid-to-click (PTC) industry since not many PTC offer as much earnings as TrafficMonsoon does. 

There are basically four types of Cash Links to click:
$0.001 cash links with a 5 seconds timer
$0.005 cash links with a 15 seconds timer
$0.01 cash links with a 30 seconds timer
$0.02 cash links with a 60 seconds timer

Referrals (Earn 100% referrals clicks commission)

TrafficMonsoon offers a very generous incentive to the promoters. When you bring a customer on TrafficMonsoon, they will earn you good commissions:

10% commissions on every purchase (except the cash links credits)

100% referral commissions per cash link click

1 referral you earn around $0.10 daily
5 referrals you earn around $0.50 daily
10 referrals you earn around $1.00 daily
100 referrals you earn around $10 daily
1000 referrals you earn around $100 daily

This means that every referral you bring on TrafficMonsoon can earn you commissions. As free members, you will earn 100% commission on all the cash links they click. Whatever they earn by clicking, you also earn the same amount. As advertisers, they will earn you 10% commissions everytime they purchase a service.

Remember that you need to surf at least 10 sites every 24 hours in the Traffic Exchange to qualify to earn commissions on your referrals cash link clicks.


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