Secret to win clixgrid game every time ! Is it possible ?

Clixsense is most popular PTC network in the world. Clixsense has more than 4 million members and it is growing super fast.
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Many people who have joined clixsence want to know how the clixgrid system actually work. You can earn upto $10 every day from clixsense clixgrid game. Everyday clixsense members get 30 chances for standard membership and 60 chances for upgrade membership. Clixgrid game have 30 by 20 cells. Most people try to win everyday and they think the prize may be behind the clixgrid.

But the reward is completely selected from server side.

Clixgrid game is completely depends on your luck. It will be a completely foolish work if you try to find reward behind the clixgrid cells. A script which runs on server side chose prize randomly. It is completely an automatic system. Don't try to give too much stress on your mind as final result will be zero. You should be angry after reading my post but it is true my friend there is no such tricks available that can help you to win clixgrid game every time.

Hope you have realised that point. Clixsense has too many ways to earn rewards and try them all, you will definitely get success. Finally I say to you never stop clicking on clixgrid as your luck may change any time.

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