How to earn money with social media || Globallshare review 2014

Earn money with social media. Is it real?
If you are searching this kind of earning opportunity then you are to the right place. Yes, this is true that now you can earn from social media. Lots of people are there who really don’t know about this kind of opportunity at all. But now you know that it is possible. You probably also thinking why this man is talking so much. Sorry to say that it is my bad habit and I will try to refrain it soon.

Some social networking site which was launched earlier 2008 and some coming soon to market give you the opportunity to earn while joining with them. As they promoting their site to the market so they want to give their panelist a earning opportunity too.

How to earn with social media?

Now you know that you can earn with social media. But you are thinking how. Soon you will get your answer too. Social media mainly get their fund from advertisers and run this huge network.

         But you are going to join in a site where you share copyright less beautiful pictures and share those with your friends, post blog about interesting topic, upload videos from youtube, vimeo and you will be paid for that. Yes, you again heard the right. For that earning you have to invest nothing. This is given by world’s newest and paid best social networking site Fanbox.

Similar opportunity you will get from another site name: GAS. It is another similar to popular social networking sites like Fanbox, Facebook, and Twitter. Here for joining you will get a share of worth $2949. The more you collect share the more you will earn in future.

How to join these sites?

Tsu is a new Social networking website with new concept to share their revenue with users of Tsu. According to the founder of Tsu Sebastian Sobczak Tsu is going to share its 90% ads revenue with their users. You do no have to invest in order to get payment. Its completely free to join. The more you share content in social networking the revenue in your account will rise more. Yo probably spent lots of time in social networking but have you got anything in return. Do you know the social networking sites are makin Billion $$ every day from users content. Its time to more for Tsu where you will be paid for Sharing on social networking.

Why Tsu is 100% Genuine:

(1) The founder of Tsu is Sebastian Sobczak
(2) Its 100% free to join
(3) No need to invest for Payout.
(4) Seen their Ads on Google and Foxnews

Tsu Ads on Google

There are so many social networking sites but few of them really pay. Here I will mention only the legit sites in this post. So that you won’t have to suffer. So read this post carefully.
        Best paid social networking site till now. Like other social networking site joining to this site is completely free. But there is a problem Fanbox has stopped direct registering from their site. To join this site now you need an activation code. You get that activation code from an existing member.
  1. Fanbox is free to join.
  2. No country restriction. Any one above age 18 can join.
  3. Activation code required to join.
You can get your activation code from here but for that you have to fill up a short form so that we can deliver activation code to you. Don’t worry your personal details won’t be shared with any third party for any business purpose.

GAS: name isn’t seemed too crazy. It is the newest social networking site which will be launched fully on March 2014. So to promote their site they are giving free share to those who are going to join their site.

  1. Joining to GAS is completely free.
  2. When you join GAS will give you a free share.
  3. No country restriction. Any one above age 18 can join.
  4. Price of each share $2949.
After launching their site you can sell your share or you can buy more shares. If you have 20 shares and each pay you $20/month then your earning can be 20*$20=$400/month.

This is share report which I got from GAS in my mail.

Last date of joining to GAS for your free share is 31st May 2014.
Can you imagine that? So stop wasting your time in other things and get your joining.

Earning opportunities:

Joining to GAS, Fanbox means opening a new window of freedom. Lots of people throughout the globe has earned sufficient money. You can also become one of them.

In fanbox you will earn from photo sharing, blogging, review and rating posts, advertising as well as teaching. There are huge opportunities of earning in Fanbox. I found some people who are earning around $1000/day. So if you give your best you can be one of them.

In GAS you get your first share when your gas registration is completed. As I already mentioned that cost of each share is $2949. So the more share you collect more monthly earning you get from GAS.

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Always Remember, The More You Share More You Will Earn