List of top 10 new trusted PTC sites in India 2014-2015-2016 || elite PTC sites list

If you are looking to earn money within short period of time then PTC is best for you. This is one of the best online jobs available right now. Most of the people prefer PTC sites as this brings money quickly. Some PTCs are giving instant payment and unlimited direct referrals. PTC sites are free to join. You don’t have to invest anything to earn money from PTC sites.

How to judge a legit PTC site?

As you know we are living in a too fast world. Now a day more than 10 PTC sites are launched. Some of them really want to stay in the business and some want to scam people. The members of scam PTC sites are hugely growing. When a PTC site scams you it not only wastes your time and hard work on it but also it wastes your money too. Lots of people in scam PTC site invest money to upgrade membership and rent referrals. I will also give you a list of PTC sites that scammed recently.

Before joining to any PTC sites if you judge them properly then your chances of being scammed will be less. Follow these simple steps to justify a legit PTC site:
1        ) Read PTC sites terms carefully. If you see any bad terms such as minimum payout withdrawal not mentioned, account suspension policy not mention properly etc.
2        ) Do they protect your privacy? If not don’t join them. Some legit PTC sites like Grandbux, Probux, Neobux, Clixsense have that certified privacy seal (Truste).
3         Before joining any PTC site look for seal or batches that defines whether the business is real or not. An example of such seal is Trustwave.
4        A PTC investigation site such as is best to know whether the site is paying to its members or not. Lots of people share their opinions about PTC sites there.
5        Before investing any money on either for upgrade or renting referrals, first request a payout. If you are happy with their service then you may any investment.
SCAM PTC sites list
6        Try to avoid sites that use nextgengptscript. But remember not all of them are scam.       is an exception.

List of new Legit/Elite PTC Sites

As I already mentioned that each day more than 10 PTC launched. It is very hard to judge any PTC site behavior at the beginning. Here in this tutorial you will get some legit PTC site list. They are mentioned legit as they are somehow related with the legit ptc sites. Now a day when PTC site becomes successful in their business they launch a second business and they promote their business on their old sites.

How to earn money with paidverts
(1)   After completing paidverts registration click on login and put your login details.
(2)   After successful login you will be redirected to “Members Home Page”. Now at the right side navigation menu you will find your “Paid Ads”.
(3)   There are two types of ads in Paidverts (a) Bonus Activation Points Ads (b) Paid Bonus Ads.
[Bonus activation points are very important in paidverts as it will increase your account validity and increases the chances to get high value paid ads like $0.2 or $0.6]
(4)   Click all the activation ads as well as the paid ads to boost your earning.
(5)   You can also increase your earning buying points. This is completely optional. You can use your payment balance to buy bonus points.

About Trafficmonsoon

Trafficmonsoon is another elite ptc site which is paying since 2012. Approximate daily payment made byTrafficmonsoon is around $80,000+. Except neobux and clixsense there are few PTC sites that pay this huge amount of money. In Trafficmonsoon both standard as well as golden members has huge earning opportunities. Standard members will receive 4 x $0.01 guaranteed ads daily with 20+ ads value. Standard membership can make $0.07 everyday on their own click. You can refer unlimited people. There is no limit in direct referral. Renting around 200 referral and upgrading membership can bring serious profit from Trafficmonsoon.

Trusted PTC Since 2012

  • » Looking to earn extra cash online?
  • » You don't need to pay a thing to earn.
  • » Get paid for Visiting Websites, Revenue Sharing 110%
  • » Guaranteed 10 x 0.01 ads daily
  • » Registered company, paying since 2014
  • » Payment options: Paypal, Payza, STP
    » Instant Payment, 100% referral commission.

About Neobux

Neobux is one of the popular terms in google search. Yes it is the best online earning source for most of the people. You need not to invest single penny to earn money from Neobux. Instead of having so much earning potential about 40% people failed to earn huge money from Neobux. It is not their fault. It is fault of the strategy. If you know the strategy well then earning from Neobux will be a Childs play.

Trusted PTC Since 2008

  • » Looking to earn extra cash online?
  • » You don't need to pay a thing to earn.
  • » Get paid for Visiting Websites, Referring Others, Micro Tasks.
  • » Paying +100,000$ daily
  • » Registered company, paying since 2008
  • » Payment options: Paypal, Payza, Netletter

About Grandbux

Grandbux is a leading PTC which was started on 13th May 2014. Grandbux is run by Grandteam LLC and which is a USA based registered company. It is a leading PTC website that paid more than $4000 within a short period of time. Grandbux PTC is verified by Godaddy. Site safety is secured by site lock to protect from DDOS attack and from hackers. This site has got a Truste certified batch for maintaining a strict privacy of their members. This site has very fast and large earning potential for both free and premium members. This site has no minimum payouts. At this moment this site only use paypal as a payment processor and payment is instant. 4 x 0.01 guaranteed ads daily for free members. Day 30 ads guaranteed. This site has ranked among top ten trusted PTC sites list within one month of launching. 


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