Offer payment

People who have completed the Offer
NAME                   Email                                                Gift
----------               ------------                                  -------------

1.Avik Biswas             Rs 20 Vodafone

2.R Sharma                       Rs 20 Tatadocomo

3.Swapan Maiti                  Rs 20 Aircel

Peple who have not completed offer yet
NAME                              Email                                 Gift
----------                     ------------                           -------------

1.Balaji Kathirvelu          Rs 20 Airtel

2.Prashanth Reddy     Rs 20 Idea

3.Yash Jain                  Rs 20 Vodafaone

4.nabin v                      Rs 20 Idea

The above mentioned names who have not completed offer yet are requested to complete the offer. If you have completed the offer then send a screenshot of offer completion to us in our Facebook page.


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