88bux, Neatclix, 88clix paypal review update August 2014

88group started their journey on March 2014. Their first project was 88bux and after that they have launched two projects Neatclix and 88Clix.The business was going well but after 09.07.2014 their Paypal a/c was banned and they gradually stop paying to members. This happened also to their other two projects. They promised to give their Paypal review update after one month but they have some how failed. Lots of people have invested their hard work and money on it but now it seems everything goes in vain. Rented referrals also have stopped clicking and it looks that after few days the site will also be not available. People are still hoping to get back their hard earning. Lets see whet happens next. Stay tuned for more updates on tooFastRupee.


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