Genuine and trusted captcha (data entry) work online in India

Have you ever looked for a online data entry job? You probably did it, but my question is have you got it. Your answer probably no. lots of people in the internet search for this kind of job. Either some of them find something or some fall in trap and invest money to get online data entry (Captcha job). I want to remind you that most of the online jobs are free to join but after joining if you want to get more facility then you can invest money but it is seen that most people invest money during joining stage. It is completely a foolish job.

How to know a Captcha site legit or not?

My friend, this should be the first question that must rise in your mind. There are lots of captcha typing sites available in the market but very few of them pay to its members properly.

Following these simple steps you can find a real captcha job website.

(1) After visiting any captcha working site first you should look for their terms and privacy policy.

(2) Check whether the site is secure or not. Now a day most legit online job sites use secure socket layer.

(3) Search for payment proof in search engine (Eg: Google,Bing,Yahoo). If you see that they are paying for a long period of time then they are safe to join.

(4) Look for the payment option i.e. whether they are paying through check or by wire transfer to your Paypal, Payza account.

List of some Legit Captcha site:

Online trusted Data Entry Job

Some Features of 2captcha:

(1) You will receive $0.5 to $1.2 for completing 1000 captcha which you easily can complete within a hour.

(2) Minimum payout is very low, just $0.5

(3) Payout will be processed within 48 hours

(4) Trusted Russian based company with secure site.

(5) 24x7 online supports

(6) Referral program is available.

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