Goalclix SCAM SCAM SCAM || Goalclix.com SCAM do not join

As you already know that 2014 is historial year for PTC industry as this year most of PTC business turning into scam. You probably heard Noulink, Fusebux, Zapbux all these have scammed millions of people. Goalclix is another scam site. You may not believe me so I am giving you some screenshot so that their scamming technique will be clear to you and you may save yourself from their scamming.

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I requested my payment on 05.09.2014 just $2 to check their legit nature but on 12th of September they suspended my account and after suspending my account they posted on behalf of me and said thanks for the payment.

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 I also havent got the payment but in their payment proof section thay are showing payments have been delivered. I hove these proofs are enough for proofing this site is scam.

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