New scam Ptc Sites Update Daily || SCAM PTC SITES List

The biggest SCAM is now PTC industry. Everyday 4 to 5 ptc sites are becoming scam. Admin of such ptc sites are sealing the money of millions of people. If no strict actions are taken against them this will increase. Unless the strict action is implemented try to avoid SCAM listed sites.

16 Sept 2014 (Scam): (Scam) (Complaints about non-payments on various forums) (Scam)

15 Sept 2014 (Scam): (Scam)

http://www. (Suspicious)  (Fake Payment Proof) (Fake payment)

13 Sept 2014 (Scam):  (Scamer Admin)  (Not Paid But Update My Payment This Site) (Abandoned) (Suspicious)

12 Sept 2014 (Scam): (not paid) (not paid)

11 Sept 2014 (Scam):    (same admin clickmoolah scammer)   (admin scammer uses ilegal Evolution Script)    (suspicious)   (admin scammer)   (admin scammer uses ilegal Evolution Script sunriseptc;admin scammer)    (not paid)   (not paid)

10 Sept 2014 (Scam): (Closed, has the same owner as (Closed Has the same owner as and (Does not pay, the forum is full of spam)

9 Sept 2014 (Scam):

http://www. (Suspicious) 

http://www. (Suspicious)  (Scam) (Not Pay Me) (Not Pay Me and Closed Forum)  (stop Paying)

8 Sept 2014 (Scam):  (Scam)  (Not Paid)  (Gone)

7 Sept 2014 (Scam): (Free domain and hosting, not recommended)    (admin scammer uses ilegal Evolution Script)   (not paid Me)

6 Sept 2014 (Scam):  (BIG SCAM) (Pending payments, possible abandoned)

5 Sept 2014 (SCAM)  (Scam) (Suspicious) (Closed) (Scam)

4 Sept 2014 (Scam):      (same admin kerobux scamme)   (same admin asiptc scammer)  (forum removed,scam)

3 Sept 2014 (Scam): (Scam)  (Scam) (Scam)

31 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (Scam)  (Scam) (Scam)

30 Agu 2014 (Scam): (Not Paid) (Suspicious) (Scam)

28 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (closed)  (gone)   (same admin pc-clix scammer)  (same admin scammer)  (Scam) (Scam and Not Paid Me)

27 Agu 2014 (Scam): (Suspicious)  (same admin kerobux and weekendux scamme)  (same admin mehanicbux scamme)

26 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (admin scammer uses ilegal Evolution Script license)  (admin scammer uses ilegal Evolution Script license)

25 Agu 2014 (Scam): (Delete my Account-Stupid Scamer) (Scam) (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)  (Scam) (Scam)

24 Agu 2014 (Scam): (Owned by a scammer) (Suspecaus)

23 Agu 2014 (Scam): (Gone) (Admin Maintenance: 166 Days) (Same owner as and

22 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (Big Scam) Proof (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)  (Scam) (Closed)  (Scam) (Closed)

21 Agu 2014 (Scam) (Suspicious) (Suspicious) (My Account Delect)  (Not Paid Me)

19 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (Big Scam) - Proof

(Same Admin and

18 Agu 2014 (Scam):   (Not Paid Me)  (Suspanded Account)

17Agu 2014 (Scam):  (SCam)  (Scam)  (Scam)  (Scam)  (Scam)  (Not Paid)  (Scam)  (Scam)

15 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (same admin fabclix scammer)  (not paid)  (not paid)

14 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (Scam)- Fake man  (Scam)

13 Agu 2014 (Scam):  (admin scamme)  (not paid)  (Scam)  (admin scamme)  (scammer not evo license) (scammer not evo license) (same admin dortbux scammer)

12 Aug 2014 (Scam): (Gone) (scam)  (scam) (Scam)

11 Aug 2014 (Scam): (Same Admin, (Does not pay, the forum is full of spam) (Suspicious)

08 Aug 2014 (Scam):  (Scam)

07 Aug 2014 (Scam):  (suspiciou)

Cosbux (suspicious)

Cashadda (Scam) (Scam) same admin goldeneggptc scammer  (Scam)  same admin I-bux and (scammer Admin) (admin scammer)   (scam)   same admin larabux scammer

06 Aug 2014 (Scam):  (Not Pay)  (Closed)  (scam)  (scam)  (Closed)

05 Aug 2014 (Scam):   (Suspicious)  (Scam)

Regoobux.con  (Not Pay)

02 Aug 2014 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)

01 Aug 2014 (Scam): (Scam) Erabux same (Scam) (Not Paid Me)

31 July 2014 (Scam): (Not Paid Me)

30 July 2014 (Scam): (Fake Payment Upload) - (Fake Payment) - (Fake Payment)

28 July 2014 (Scam): (Scam) (Suspicious)

I Invest 599$ And Upgrade Unlimeted Membership But My Account Sespended ptc-world admin (Suspicious)

27 July 2014 (Scam): (Suspicious)  (Scam)

26 July 2014 (Scam):  (Not Paid)

25 July 2014 (Scam):  (Gone) (Not Pay) (Gone)-Ptcsolution Same (Scamer)

25 July 2014 (Scam): (Gone)

24 July 2014 (Scam):  (Not paid)

22 July 2014 (Scam): (Does not pay)


21 July 2014 (Scam): - Gone - Closed - Scam

20 July 2014 (Scam): - (Not Paid Me) - (Scam)

19 July 2014 (Scam): (Scam) (Do not pay) (Suspicious) (Site scammer)

18 July 2014 (Scam): - Admin Gone - Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam

17 July 2014 (Scam): Not Paid Scam Gone

16 July 2014 (Scam): - Scam

15 July 2014 (Scam):  Scam

14 July  2014 (Scam):  Scam Scam  Scam  scam  Scam

13 July 2014 (Scam):  Not Pay Me  Not Pay Me  Not Pay Me  Not Pay Me  Not Pay Me


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