List of top 10 trusted PTC sites in United States 2016 2017 and review payment proof

We are nowadays living in a world where people are judging everything with money. People now think with having money they can buy anything and do anything but though this is not true in every aspect but people are still running to make money. From a teenager to house wife every wants to earn money. There are some opportunities  for people to earn money online. Student, housewife, retired persons can also earn money in their free time. This will definitely help them to fulfill their financial needs. One of the best opportunities to earn money online is to earn from Paid to click (PTC) and Get Paid to (GPT) sites. These types of online sites pay you to see their ads from your PC Tablet or Smartphone. There are lots of PTCs available online and thousands are rising everyday but not all of them are genuine and paying. These types of sites i.e. PTC and GPT are full of scams. Joining to such sites may waste your hark work, time and money.  People take around two to three years to understand genuine and scam sites but you people won’t have to waste that much time to understand the genuine sites. Here from this tutorial you get the top 10 trusted PTC and GPT sites list from where you can earn money online without warring too much.

How these PTCs /GPTs got the trusted rating?
Finding the legit and trusted PTCs and GPTs are time consuming. We are in the market for a long period of time so we did the testing for you so that you don’t have to waste that much time. We have mentioned them trusted based on the following criterion they have.

  • By looking up their WHOIS details. From WHOIS details we find their website details such as founder name, country of domain registration, domain validity, trust seal by MCAFEE and Godaddy.

  • We check from which country the PTC and GPT sites are registered. Most of the PTCs and GPTs from US are genuine.

  • If the PTC or GPT is doing a registered business then they will give details about their company registration number but you have to verify that company registration number on Google. Many sites use fake company registration number.

  • If the company is not for scamming then they will register their company at least for 3 years and maximum of 20 years.

  • I am sorry to say that most PTCs and GPTs registered from Panama are scammers. We got such statistics from our observation. 

  • How to earn money with GPT or PTC sites?

    Compare to PTCs GPTs offer more earning opportunities. PTC is paid to click that means you get money for clicking on ADS but in case of GPT you will get money to do tasks, Offers like survey, and obviously from clicking online ADS.
    1 The first things you can rely on is PTC i.e. Paid to click on ADS. Each ads has some value when you click on ads a $ value will be added to your account. They have a very low withdraw amount. They pay mainly with online payment processor such as Paypal, Payza, Perfect money, Neteller.
    2 Another major earning opportunities which you get from PTC site is earning from completing Tasks. By completing Croudflower tasks you can earn up $50 per day. Each and everyday people are making huge dollar from completing tasks.
    3 By playing games in PTC sites such as Grid games. Click on grid and a ad will be displayed to you , if you are lucky enough you may get upto $10 and win Golden membership upgrade. Winning golden membership will help you earn 4 times the standard membership.
    4 Do you know that by completing PTSU offers many people earn huge $ daily. You probably thing what is PTSU. PTSU stands for Paid to Sign Up. The task is very simple, you have to click on task link and register to that site. If you complete the PTSU task successfully then you will receive the task reward instantly in your account.  
    5 Do you know that giving your opinion to market research companies can give you huge dollars. Yes this is 100% true some PTC sites have survey research offers. Many people earn $5 to $10 easily per day.
    From this tutorial hope you have got some idea about earning online from Trusted PTC sites. An advance congratulation from TooFastRuppe team to you for your future successful happy earning. Enjoy your stay with TooFastRupee.

    Rank Banner Min Payout Payment Option Proof How to Join ?
    $6.00 Paypal/Payza
    2 Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program $2.00 Paypal/Payza
    3 $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
    4 PaidVerts $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
    5 $2.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
    6 $4.00 Paypal/Payza Soon
    7 $7.00 Paypal/Payza Proof
    Low payment threshold trusted PTC
    1 $0.05 Paypal/Payza Proof
    2 $0.02 Paypal/Payza Proof


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